You snooze, you lose

You keep bending the rules and bending and bending until you bend backward.

”That was the comment of RepublicCounty Appraiser Barry Porter in recommending to Republic County Commissioners Monday that people who want tax rebates from the Neighborhood Revitalization Program must complete all necessary paperwork–on time. Commissioners agreed.

“I think we’re dealing with adults here,” said Commissioner Edwin Splichal. “It’s outlined, we have guidelines, and we need to stick with it.”Commissioner Melvin Jeardoeagreed. “We’ve been through this before. If they get the money, they need to abide by the rules.”

Porter said there are two current projects enrolled in which owners did not file the required completion paperwork on time. His staff could send reminders to NRP enrollees, he said, “but that just gives us one more thing to keep up with.”

“I think the property owners are the ones that need to put the reminder on their calendar or their phone if they want their money.”

The NRP offers owners of qualifying construction projects a five-year tax rebate on a sliding scale. The two most often neglected points of the program: people must signup before construction starts, and when the project is finished, sign and date a second form.

NRP rebate schedule. This program is available until 2020.

Projects must be completed within 18 months of the start date, butPorter said his office gives extensions if owners show good cause why the project isn’t finished. In the past eight years, more than 70 projects have been completed in the county under the Neighborhood Revitalization program.

Through the end of 2017, 17 commercial, 25 ag building, 16 residential and 9 farm residential with a total construction value of more than $10 million were completed.

In other business Monday:

  • The board gave SheriffRon Blad permission to purchase a $49,000 software program for his office. Blad says he has about $100,000 remaining in his budget, but that he expects to receive a grant to cover the cost of the software.
  • A request by the Republic County Ambulance Department to purchase a second response truck was denied by the board.