Why Do You Do What You Do?

ESHIP 2018 – Why Do You Do What You Do? from Wellington on Vimeo.

Read Simone Elder’s full blog post here about the work Network Kansas does to help counties like ours build our entrepreneurial ecosystem. – www.networkkansas.com/ecommunities/news/ntks-blog/2018/08/02/ecosystem-builders-unite-2018-eship-summit-takeaways

The Kauffman Foundation has identified Seven Design Principles for building entrepreneurial ecosystems, which should be top of mind as we develop our local ecosystems. These are:

  1. Put entrepreneurs front and center.
  2. Foster conversations.
  3. Enlist collaborators. Everyone is invited.
  4. Live the values.
  5. Connect people bottom-up, top-down, outside-in.
  6. Tell the community’s authentic story.
  7.  Start, be patient.

While the position you are paid for may be as economic development or chamber director, banker, or educator, if you believe in the power of connecting and breaking down silos in your communities to support entrepreneurs, you are also an ecosystem builder. These principles can be the answer to the question, “What can I do to strengthen my ecosystem besides invest funding?”