Waste not, want not


Waste not, want not

Editor, Deb Hadachek

Probably most of us wouldn’t drive down the highway and toss dollar bills out the window.

But I feel like we might be doing something just as wasteful if we don’t come up with some creative ideas to use more than $80,000 the Republic County Community Foundation has available for grants this fall.

Deadline to apply is October 1. – www.republiccountycf.org

Previously there has been a $5,000 limit for requests, but that has been removed. This gives organizations the opportunity to move beyond maintenance needs, and start to think about ways new projects can be added, or current projects expanded.

This windfall of money comes at the bequest of the Dane Hansen Foundation. The board of that Foundation seems determined to force the citizens of rural communities in its 26-county area to see themselves as worthy of quality programs and services that enhance their health, arts, education, and life.

In general, grant requests are accepted in five broad areas:

  • Health and Human service needs
  • Arts, including visual and performance
  • Education
  • Spirituality
  • Environment

The Foundation is especially interested in requests that show cooperative efforts between many volunteers and multiple organizations. They will consider requests for capacity building–activities that strengthen or expand services–and capital improvements, including construction and renovation of facilities.

Organizations sometimes get discouraged if they apply for a grant once and it is declined. The RCCF, through the staff at the Greater Salina Community Foundation, offers opportunities for grant writing tips like a meeting at Astra Bank tonight (September 8, 7-9 p.m.) as well as feedback if applications are submitted early enough.

What are those things we think we have to travel a distance to enjoy, or that we see in cities that we wish could be offered here?

Stronger entertainment and hands-on arts programs for all ages? Community centers for weddings and events in every community? In-home health care services? Innovative math, science or reading programs for students? Better access to food and services or home repairs for our county’s low income and elderly population? Community holiday meals, fireworks displays, and bigger and better events to attract visitors?

We have an opportunity to add to our already great towns. Let’s not waste it.