We want to hear from: alumni, newcomers, and current residents!

RCED is conducting a housing survey to assess the housing demand in Republic County. The survey results will also help RCED promote opportunities to remodel existing housing stock for sale or rent, develop new housing, and better connect housing information to those seeking it.

This survey comes as the NCK Homeownership Program, an assistance program for home buyers, is in full-swing. Ending August 31, its main goal is to reduce the number of homes on the market in the region by making it easier to purchase a home. It offers $10,000 in 0% interest loan for down payment assistance and a $2,000 grant for closing costs. As of this writing, there have already been four of the twelve spots awarded.

Through this survey, they are trying to reach anyone who is wanting to move within, relocate to, or move outside of Republic County. As the county-wide struggle to fit the demand for housing needs continues, this survey aims to highlight why people want to move, what they are looking for in terms of housing, and how they are learning about both the housing options and different resources available. Currently, the survey is available online and RCED will also be partnering with different businesses and organizations to administer it in person. 

RCED’s Dane Hansen intern, Kyra Lampe, commented, “We are excited that this survey is now out in the community. This will be a great way to really reach the people who have been affected by the housing shortage in the county. With the feedback we receive, we are hoping to better understand people’s housing needs and how we can be a better resource for people moving forward.”

Here’s how you can help!

  • Take the survey if you are wanting or willing to move.
  • If you are not looking to move, share this survey with friends and family who you know are wanting, or at least considering, moving.

If you need assistance in taking or administering the survey, please contact RCED at 785-374-3047 or email them at rcedc@nckcn.com

Or fill it out here: