View Point: What will 2017 bring?


Deb Hadachek, Telescope editor

Like each year, the 365 days of 2016 brought change to Republic County. As we look back on the events of the year, these are some of our dreams for the county in the coming year:

  • The initial success of the Love’s Travel Plaza on US81 will attract other complementary businesses at that location. *The removal of the eyesore of the Republic Hotel block will create visions for new possibilities for downtown Belleville.
  • A rebound of agriculture and livestock prices that will stabilize the economy, but also inspire more ideas of value-added businesses.
  • That every business owner from large employers like Reinke Manufacturing, Scott Specialties, Lambert Vet Supply to small Mom and Pop shops consider how they can continue to gain customers in a global, national, state or regional market place.
  • Individuals and organizations will dream even bigger for new uses for Republic County Community Foundation, Dane Hansen, Duclos Foundation and other grant monies to improve the quality of life for local citizens.
  • Local school districts will finally gain clarity on how much funding they can expect from the state formula each year, to allow for better future planning.
  • A continued effort to welcome young families back to our communities, and business transitions between retiring owners and new entrepreneurs.
  • That every citizen commit to not only support their own hometowns whenever possible, but resolve to visit at least one event or business in a community where they do not live: church supper, parade, basketball game, restaurant or downtown shop. Bonus points if you have a conversation with a person from that community and send me an email and tell me what you learned about that person or town.

Mostly, live each day to the fullest. Find a reason to laugh. Learn something new. Visit a friend, both those who are old friends and those you haven’t met yet.

You don’t have next year to accomplish your goals. You only have today to achieve small steps. Make the most of it.