Trade Jobs vs. College


RCED believes this cartoon is a VERY accurate reflection of the working world right now. Much, much more credit should be give to tech schools and trades by society.

One of Republic County’s fastest growing sectors is manufacturing with the addition of Reinke Manufacturing Inc.’s new 20,000 sq ft facility producing irrigation products. They have hired over 60 new empl0yees since 2012 and this brings their total to 100 in Belleville and they are looking for 60 more. Click the jobs tab above to view more information on openings.




Other areas with trade skill growth in Republic County are HVAC, electricians, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Contact RCED if you are interested in starting a service business in the future.

The first video is from TED talks with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs for more on the topic of trade jobs. The second is from Entrepreneur Magazine and is much longer.