“The rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated.”


Time to start again

In the December 30th, 2015 edition of The Belleville Telescope
Viewpoint – Deb Hadachek

We have had a pretty good run in Republic County the past few years. New businesses, tons of new construction, (some which is shown on the front page), healthy farm prices.

2015 ends on a bit of a down note: a few businesses closed or moved away, agriculture has been volatile in both grain and livestock markets. And while a lot of people don’t always take notice of that like they should, the pie chart of the local economy by K-State on the front of last week’s paper shows the impact: a full third of our local economy depends on agriculture.

Throw in some other concerns like the massive changes in health care, and the state’s woes in funding education and other services–both which play out in a big way on the local level and with increased needs for local funding- -and it’s hard to stay optimistic.

But I am often reminded of Mark Twain’s comment as I look back on local history:

“The rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated.”

Businesses have come and gone, agriculture has weathered extreme highs and lows (and extreme weather) and we are still here. We need to adapt. We need to change. We need to try new things and not just gripe that the old ways don’t work any more.

It’s a new year. We move forward with what we learned in the last year, both from our successes and disappointments. It’s time to start again.