The New Girl / An outsider, through and through


The Belleville Telescope

Dear Republic County Residents:

Leaving home is never easy. I discovered that five years ago when I decided to leave my childhood home in Thornton, Colorado for the small town of Lindsborg for college. People told me I was crazy. They asked how I could leave the mountains I grew up with for anything, especially Kansas. I didn’t have a good answer for them then but now I do.

I left the beautiful mountains of Colorado for the beautiful people of Kansas. Don’t get me wrong, Coloradans are nice people. But there must be something in the Kansas air that makes everyone so pleasant to be around. It was true for Lindsborg and Salina, where I spent the majority of my college life, and it’s true for Concordia and Belleville where I now live and work. It’s impossible to ignore the Midwestern nice that every Kansan has.

I tell you all of this so you know where I’m coming from when I write. I’m not unaware that Belleville, Republic County and Kansas have their issues. But I don’t want to dwell on those types of things.

I think sometimes when someone lives in one place for a long time they can get caught up in the gossip and the grime of day to day life. Sometimes it’s hard to see all of the wonderful businesses and people and events going on around. And that’s where I come in.

I’m an outsider through and through. I love traffic, wide open spaces scare me and to be honest it’s taken me five years of living here to finally stop questioning the sanity of people who wave at me from oncoming traffic (I am now a master at the signature Kansas two finger wave).

I think that puts me in the unique position to write about all the incredible things I have done and seen since I have arrived. I want to give you the outsiders view on everything I have had the pleasure to encounter.

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

With love, A Coloradan