Tech Opportunity in Rural Kansas

NWKEICI is a private operating foundation that provides economic and entrepreneurial assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs in rural Northwest Kansas. NWKEICI has a 26 county coverage area.

With its current and future programs, NWKEICI hopes to reverse the outflow of people and businesses from Northwest Kansas, as well as work with existing businesses or entrepreneurs in the 26-county coverage area. By extending resources to these businesses and entrepreneurs, NWKEICI hopes that Northwest Kansas can grow in population and progress economic innovation. Visit their website here –

NWKEIC has two opportunities for people in Republic County or those who are looking to relocate and work remotely.

#1 Rural and Remote 

This is one-on-one support in finding, applying for, and thriving in a remote job opportunity. 

#2 NSpire Labs Coding Academy

A coding academy that teaches students skills for the computer program so they are job ready.  They will be Junior Full Stack Developers with an opportunity to have a remote job right here. Junior Full Stack Developers are valuable to web development companies much like welders are in the manufacturing world, and both are in high demand.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Rural and Remote

  1. I have someone who is interested in finding a remote job opportunity.  What do I do next?
    • Contact RCED for more information – or (785) 374-3047.
  2. What does the process for remote job placement look like?
    • Applicant interviews to determine skill set, passion, availability, job experience, etc.
    • Job opportunity research is conducted and a list of jobs available is developed
    • Applicant chooses which jobs they would like to apply for
    • Resume, application, and/or any other necessary job requirements are developed and prepared
    • Applicant applies for job
    • Follow up and pursuit until applicant is placed
  3. Is there a cost associated with Rural & Remote?
    • There is no cost at this time.

NSpire Labs Coding Academy

  1. Do you have to have a background in computer programming to apply for Nspire Labs Coding Academy?
    • Applicants do not have to have any prior knowledge of computer programming to apply.  Nspire Labs helps students with zero computer programming knowledge or experience become computer programmers.
  2. What does Nspire Labs Coding Academy cost?
    • Full-time online is $12,000
    • Part-time online is $7,500
  3. What is the difference between full-time online and part-time online?
    • There are a few key differences.
      • Students who are full-time online complete the program in 3 months.
      • Full-time online students have a full-time live instructor for their classes.
      • Part-time online students typically take around 9 months to complete the program.
      • Part-time online students, who are self-paced, do not have a live instructor.
    • Both students are going through the same curriculum, use the same Learning Management System, have access to the same Teacher Assistants, and finish with the same outcomes.
  4. I have someone who is interested in the Coding Academy.  What do I do next?
    • Please contact RCED for more information – or (785) 374-3047.
  5. What is the process like for a student interested in the Coding Academy?
    • Applicant interviews to determine fit for the program
    • If applicant is a good fit for the program, they will fill out the Enrollment Agreement
    • Once Enrollment Agreement is complete, a start date is determined and student is set up for their onboarding meeting.
  6. Is there grant funding available for capable students?
    • The Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center (NWKEIC) will have $75,000 available on a first-come-first-serve basis once eligibility is determined.

For those wondering. Many places in Republic County have access to fiber internet.