Tax sale brings in $40,000 (Telescope)


Tax sale brings in $40,000

A full house in the Republic County courtroom watched auctioneer Roger Novak, above, sell 25 properties on a delinquent tax sale Tuesday morning. Candace Fielder, secretary in the Republic County Attorney’s office, assisted. Selling prices ranged from $5 for a property in Republic on which $1,000 in taxes was owed, to $20,000 for a property at 2214 16th ST in Belleville, which was $4,700 in arrears on taxes.

Total for the sale was approximately $40,000, about $10,000 less than the total taxes owed on all the properties. But that doesn’t mean the county will gain the whole $40,000.

Republic County Treasurer Cindy Coons said the county will recoup taxes and costs on the properties that brought more than was owed in back taxes, and the rest of the sale proceeds on those properties are distributed back to the original owners. None of the sales are final until approved by the district court judge July 2 and deeds are issued.

Taxes on about 70 other properties that would have been eligible for the sale were paid prior to the auction,bringing in more than $100,000 in back taxes owed to the county, said Coons.

Two properties were “no sales” at the auction: the Republic Hotel building at 1704 M ST, Belleville, which the city has named in eminent domain proceedings; and a lot on Narka’s main street.

Coons said properties that do not sell revert back to the county, and the county must ask for sealed bids to sell the properties. On Monday, Republic County Commissioners directed Coons to begin to collect data immediately for another sale next year. Coons said work on next year’s sale will begin September 1, when taxes on the next batch of properties become delinquent.