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Tax Credit Program


Digital Mammography

If you are interested in  learning more about this opportunity, please contact Blaine Miller or Karrie Holmes at Republic County Hospital 785-527-2254

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Run on tax credits – 1/4/13 – The Belleville Telescope
By the end of the day Monday, Republic County Hospital had raised $122,000 in donations of the $180,000 needed for a new digital mammography machine in exchange for Kansas tax credits.
The hospital has until December 31, 2014 to distribute the remaining credits.
“We have had really good community support,” said Blaine Miller, Republic County Hospital administrator. “And then we’ve had some big amounts come in from other parts of the state completely out of the blue.”
Miller said he received calls from accountants around the state with no connection to Republic County seeking credits to benefit their clients. Those people researched the Kansas Department of Commerce website to see what communities had been awarded credits, and if there were still credits remaining.

Established in 1994, the Kansas  Community Service Program has given nonprofit organizations a way to improve their ability to undertake major capital fundraising drives for various projects. This year, $4.1 million of tax credits has been allocated and awarded to select nonprofit organizations to offer Kansas Tax credits for contributions made to  approved projects.  Tax credit awards are distributed through a competitive application process.

Republic County Hospital received an allocation of $130,000 in tax credits which will raise $185,000 towards the purchase of a new State-of-the Art Digital Mammography Machine. Total price of the digital mammography is expected to be $208,500.

What are Tax Credits

Unlike a tax deduction that only reduces the amount of your taxable income, a tax credit reduces the amount of tax you owe.

Simply:  This program allows you to put your state tax dollars to work right here in your own community.

Who is Eligible

Businesses paying and subject to Kansas state income tax. (S-Corps, LLC’s, Partnerships, Etc.)

Individuals paying and subject to  Kansas state income tax.

Banks, savings, and trust companies paying and subject to annual tax on net income.

Eligible Contributions

Must be valued at a minimum of $250

Cash Donations

Grain Commodities

Stocks and Bonds

Personal Property

Real Estate Donations

Payroll Deductions