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Work has progressed quickly this fall on a $350,000 project to improve the ballfields in Belleville and create a walking trail around the Belleville City Park, across the NCK Free Fairgrounds, connecting with 12 ST to Rocky Pond at the Fair and Lions Fields.

active2Belleville City Manager Neal Lewis said the city received a $350,000 grant from the Kansas Department of Commerce for the project, and the city will contribute $45,000.

Vogts Parga Construction, Newton, is the general contractor. Subcontractor Callaway Fencing, Belleville (above) worked recently to build a new backstop at Legion Field in the Belleville City Park.

Lewis said the project will add a new shelter and playground at the Fair and Lions field, and improve the drainage on those fields, located south of the NCK Free Fairgrounds.

The new sidewalk will run along the fence on the southwest side of the fairgrounds, along the trees on the west side of the fair parking lot and connect with 12th ST, which leads to Rocky Pond. An additional 30 trees will be planted around the new swimming pool.

β€œWhen it’s all said and done, these will be nice amenities for the city,” Lewis said.