Table tents reach audiences in local restaurants


Table Tents

For those unaware of the term, “table tents” are the trifold piece of paper at almost every food establishment in the county. Table tents are a great way to inform a captive audience in our local eateries about local events, news, and programs.

The table tents started as a collaboration between the Belleville Chamber & Main Street and Republic County Economic Development (RCED) in 2014. Our organizations started taking turns every other month producing and distributing them for Belleville, RCED spread the table tents countywide. Printing is done by The Belleville Telescope and paid for by sponsors. Based on feedback from local businesses, the table tents are working, being read, and many are taken with patrons to follow up on an event or organization. Every month, when we pick up the tattered and smudged table tents, we see firsthand that people are getting their hands on the information while they are waiting on their meals.

Republic County has eight incorporated cities, which creates natural communication barriers. Older and younger generations gather and share news differently ranging from coffee shops to social media. It’s fair to say it’s a challenge to keep our county and visitors aware of events and information. Since everyone typically eats out a few times a month, we decided to put the information where their mouth is… at the local restaurants.

Monthly Calendar

RCED and the Belleville Chamber & Main Street would like to increase the number of local events listed on our table tents. Not only does the event get listed on the table tent, it goes to both our websites and respective social media pages’ reach thousands more for free. If you have an annual event we can get that listed as well each year.

Many times, we don’t hear about an event until halfway through the month, which is too late to make that month’s table tent.  If your organization plans ahead, please notify us by the third week of the month prior to get your event listed.  Community event listings are free for all of Republic County. Businesses and organizations can sponsor one of the three sides for more coverage.

Please let us know about your community event the month before it is held so we can include them. Our contact information is listed below.

View and subscribe to the Republic County calendar below.

Luke Mahin
Republic County Economic Development
P.O. Box 178
Belleville, Kansas 66935

488004_469458516436598_263754262_nMelinda Pierson
Belleville Chamber & Main Street
1205 18th St.
PO Box 261
Belleville, KS 66935