Strnad Family Donates Antique Tractor to Support Munden Community

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Families’ donation of antique tractor will provide support for Munden community center, church.

Brothers Glen, Billy, Henry and Roger Strnad stand in front of a rare, 100-year-old Minneapolis gas tractor the three older brothers purchased at a farm auction in 1957. This photo was taken in the mid 1970s, during a threshing bee the family hosted on their farm. –Photo courtesy the Strnad family – See more at:

Old iron will make a strong foundation for building Munden’s future.
The new Munden Community Center and the Zion Evangelical Church in Munden will benefit from the proceeds of an upcoming internet-only auction of a rare 100-year-old tractor donated by the families of Billy W. Strnad, Glen O. Strnad and Henry Strnad, Munden, to the Republic County Community Foundation.
The tractor, which has been appraised in value between $90,000 and $110,000, is listed on, and will sell on May 15. This week the tractor was listed on the auction site’s home page as a “Very Rare and Early Minneapolis 25-50”.
“No one really knows what it’s worth,” says Jerry Strnad, Munden, who is Billy’s son. “(The auctioneer) says he’s never sold anything this rare.”
Republic County Community Foundation chairman Tim Gottschalk said the auctioneers have received offers to buy the tractor outright at prices higher than the appraised value.
Kurt Aumann, Nokomis IL, who operates the auction site, says only eight of the Minneapolis 25-50 gas tractors, believed to be built between 1910 and 1914, are known to exist. The tractor was purchased at the Flowers farm auction east of Mahaska in 1957 by brothers Henry, Glen and Billy Strnad.
“Since Henry was the last surviving owner of the tractor, he and (his wife) Anita decided they wanted to do something with it that would benefit the Munden community as a whole, and their extended families,” Gottschalk said.
“Even the Greater Salina Community Foundation (of which Republic County is an affiliate) has never received an unusual gift like this,” Gottschalk said. “We hope it will make other people will think of items they may own that have value.”
Gottschalk said “Strnad Family Fund” will be endowed with the funds from the sale of the tractor. The donors requested that the annual endowed earnings (approximately five percent of the year-end balance) are to be distributed in equal amounts to the Zion Evangelical Church at Munden and to the City of Munden for the upkeep of the new community center under construction on Munden’s main street…

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