Sheetz and Suds Open for Business

By Laura Leite Telescope News
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Belleville’s new laundromat opened about a month ago and has been busy with people coming from all around to enjoy a clean safe place to do their laundry, says owner Waylon Sheetz.

“The idea was planted about a year-ago for the laundromat during a chamber coffee when Fred (Arnold, Telescope publisher) mentioned that Belleville needs a laundry mat,” says Sheetz.

Sheetz had more conversations about the need for a landromat in Belleville. He visited a laundry mat in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas and met with the owner.

“Well shoot, if a laundromat can make it in Cottonwood Falls with half the population of Belleville, then one could make it here,” said Sheetz. “A lot of the inspiration for the design of the laundromat came from the one in Cottonwood Falls.”

The Republic County Revolving Loan Fund helped finance the project, and Sheetz said the committee and process was extremely helpful.

Sheetz purchased the building with David Pachta of David’s Creations, the new floral shop next door. They walled up the archway between the two buildings.

Sheetz notes that on Halloween 2019, after Trunk-or-Treat, the Chamber and Main Street and Republic County Economic Development hosted an empty buildings tour in Belleville. The buildings that Sheetz and Pachta purchased were on the tour.

“It’s been neat to see the buildings that were on the tour that have now been purchased in the last year,” said Sheetz.

The tour gave a lot of people ideas and allowed them to see aspects of the buildings that they did not know existed, he says.

“In fact, in the building that I just purchased, there is a very nice two-bedroom apartment that many people didn’t know existed,” said Sheetz.

Sheetz is adding some final touches on the apartment and will rent it out soon.

Currently, the laundromat has eight washers and dryers, a pop machine and is open 24/ seven. The cost is $2 per washer and $2 per dryer load with a change machine and detergent machine available. A candy machine is coming soon.

Sheetz hopes to add a commercial-grade washer and dryer soon for comforters. Sheetz notes that comforters and large items can be washed at Holiday Cleaners in Belleville.

“I want the laundromat to be a clean, safe, homey environment that people will feel comfortable in and hopefully take ownership of it and help to keep it a place everyone can enjoy,” said Sheetz.