Rolling Hill Electric Consolidation


Rolling Hills Electric

By Luke Mahin­­­­

I attended the recent July 24th Rolling Hills Electric meeting in Belleville this past week to learn more about the proposed consolidation efforts. Many of my questions were answered and many other great questions were brought up to the presenters. I feel that I was provided with quality information and it was worth my time to visit with local Rolling Hills Electric board members. I also visited with Rolling Hills employees in the area to understand their views on the consolidation. I encourage all local customers if they have not voted yet to read their voting materials mailed to them, view resources online at, visit with Rolling Hills employees, or attend the Special Meeting of the Membership at 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. on August 8, 2013 in Beloit. As a member you have the privilege to voice your opinion in the future of the cooperative.

RCED recognizes the contributions of Rolling Hills having a local office here and employing many of our residents. Our local office has had a great impact on our local economy maintaining needed electrical lines in the county. Rolling Hills provides us with many well-paying jobs for locals, benefits to local families, and contributing to our sales and property tax in Republic County. And as a consumer I’m grateful to have that local service and know they employ friends and neighbors here.

Though objectively working in economic development I realize there are pros and cons to a consolidation. One must look to the future to see if this current model will provide the best situation for the future. Like any other business or farm operation this cooperative must adjust to rising costs and plan to adapt for stability to ensure local service to ALL their members.  RCED encourages members to find the resources they need to make an educated vote on the matter.

Landlord Education Meeting

RCED held a landlord education meeting last week which was very well attended at the Belleville City Office. The meeting provided local landlords information on best practices and current Kansas rental law. Those in attendance agreed that providing a one-stop webpage for rental information would be beneficial to them as landlords, real estate agents, and employers. As a result RCED has created a tab on our website at to list rentals and landlord contact information for people potential renters. This will be free service and hopefully it will grow to be a known resource for employers, city offices, and others to send rental seekers. If you wish to be listed or have a rental listed please contact our office.

Also provided on the website will be links and resources from state housing resources on best practices for landlords and Kansas landlord guidelines.

Please visit our website or Facebook Page for more information.  If you have questions for RCED contact Luke Mahin at or call 785-374-3047.