Rep. Urges People To Serve Dear Editor:

Printed in the Belleville Telescope

After seeing a list of appointments to Kansas boards and commissions during harvest, it struck me again that most appointees were from urban areas.

I wrote Gov. Laura Kelly politely reminding her that capable people live in rural Kansas and their input has value in making state government responsive to the needs of all Kansans.

The governor called and we visited about the appointment process. She said that she strives to make appointments reflect the demographics of the Kansas population. She also shared that most appointments originate from a pool of Kansans who have gone to the governor’s website and completed an online application.

If you want to make a difference (in addition to voting) and you have a skill set that would help the State of Kansas be more responsive to its citizens, please join the pool of Kansans willing to serve. Go to

Rural voices are important.

It has been a privilege to represent the people of Marshall, Washington, Republic and part of Jewell counties in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Rep. Bill Pannbacker 106th District