Reinke Ribbon Cutting

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This excerpt is from The Belleville Telescope‘s recent online post:

Reinke Ribbon Cutting 


Today was a big day economically for the community of Belleville and for Reinke Manufacturing. What started out in Deshler, Nebraska as a family farm in 1954, has now evolved into a world-wide manufacturing company that expands to every state and over 40 countries. Now, Belleville has a bigger hand in the world-wide outreach.

With local businessmen, teachers, congressmen, senators, and more in attendance, Reinke manufacturing held an official ribbon cutting presided over by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Belleville Mayor Tatum Couture in an event that took place in the Belleville Industrial Park, opening the new addition for Reinke Manufacturing.
“This is part of our culture,” Reinke President Chris Roth said. “We are small town and a family corporation. This is where we live, where we work, and where our kids go to school, and we are proud to provide jobs in rural America and Belleville.” Last fall, Reinke announced the expansion plans for the company due to a world-wide increase of demands for their irrigation equipment.
The roughly 30,000 square foot facility will allow Reinke to add local jobs while further expanding its manufacturing capabilities. The plant will run three shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, starting next with activity in the new facility as soon as next Monday.
Currently, Reinke in Belleville employs roughly 50 people at the electrical assembly facility manufacturing electrical components for their center pivot systems. Reinke looks to double the work force by employing 50 more once the manufacturing plant is fully operational.

“These are manufacturing jobs exporting products around the world,” Kansas Governor Sam Brownback said. “Manufacturing is back in America, back in the Midwest, back in Nebraska, and now back in Kansas. We are happy to have it. We want the jobs, the opportunities, and we want to export things.”

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