Reinke Announcement Expands in Belleville

Home(DESHLER, Neb. – July 10, 2012) – Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. is announcing it will break ground on a new manufacturing facility in Belleville, Kan., as the company looks to expand their manufacturing capacity due to increased worldwide demand for their irrigation and chassis products. The new facility will be approximately 20,000-square-foot and will have the ability to manufacture many of the products that Reinke currently manufactures. Reinke currently has a facility in Belleville, which assembles electrical assemblies.

“We are excited about expanding our manufacturing presence in Belleville as the demand for our products continues to grow both domestically and internationally,” said Reinke President Chris Roth.

Republic County Economic Development, North Central Kansas Industrial Development, and the City of Belleville assisted Reinke with preliminary research for the project.  Jenny Russell, Republic County Economic Development Coordinator, stated, “We are thrilled about Reinke’s new endeavor in Republic County and happy that they chose to build here.  This new project fits our goals of developing our industrial properties, diversifying employment opportunities, and ultimately increasing our population.  Reinke has been a strong community partner for years and we look forward to a continued relationship with them for years to come.”

In an economy where ABC news reported a dismal 8.2 percent unemployment rate in June 2012, we are hiring.  If you would like to apply for welding, manufacturing, or other jobs in Republic County Kansas, please fill out this survey.