Reconsider bathhouse?

Councilman asks for bathhouse issue to be re-visited

By Fred Arnold Telescope publisher

You can hear crickets on a quiet summer night. You could almost hear them Monday at the regular meeting of the Belleville city council.

Belleville city council. Councilman Doane Sells said, during the old business portion of the agenda, that he would like it if the city council would reconsider their decision earlier this month to raze the WPA bath house in the city park.

Sells, a staunch supporter of saving the historically signifi cant building, told the Telescope recently he did not understand why the city was so quick to condemn the building. He said money obviously wasn’t an issue because local efforts have already raised $3,000 cash for a new roof (estimated at less than $5,000) and a grant for another $25,000 was already in the works.

“It’s really a big joke,” he told the Telescope. “We (the city council) will talk about the Travel Information Center and what to do with it for over a year, do nothing and still let it sit there.”

“But in less than 30 days we will try, convict and execute the bath house.

“All I was asking was that we get the roof on and let it sit there until we decided what we could do with the building,” Sells added. ‘It wouldn’t have hurt anything or cost any money to let the folks try and come up with a plan.”

The councilman said he thought it was important to give his fellow council members the opportunity to re-visit the issue Monday. His statement at this week’s meeting was met with no discussion and no action.

“I was hoping but really I didn’t expect any action,” he said.

In other matters before the city Monday:

  • Approved the use of the city park for Ag Heritage on July 1
  • Held discussion on the 2018 budget.
  • Noted that interviews for the vacant police chief position would begin June 30.