Belleville couple featured in national Google TV ad

RCHSpromGoogleLook for them between 0:47 – 0:52 on the video at the bottom of the page.

Belleville couple featured in national Google television ad

The Belleville Telescope

Two Belleville natives will get their 1.5 seconds of fame in a nationally televised advertisement for Google.

Bryce Pachta and Michelle Cottenmyre, graduates of Republic County High School, are shown in a video shot by Tom Tsao disembarking from Pachta’s swather during a promenade before the prom.

The ad premiered May 20 during the broadcast of “American Idol”. “Google contacted me some months ago for permission to use the clip, and also sought permission from Bryce and Michelle,” Tsao said. “The way I understand the process, Google chose many videos then decided which segments they wanted to use from which ones, then contacted all the people for permission.

“Other than to say “that’s my video”, it’s an ego boost to have been chosen,” Tsao says. “I know Bryce, Michelle, and many people in Republic County will feel so happy about it, too. The advertisement features a number of clips of students at school.