Radiothon raises $34,000

More than $33,000 in pledges was collected by the North Central Kansas Health Care Foundation Radiothon on KR-92, 92.1 FM, Belleville on Thursday, November 8.

Funds raised are used to recruit physicians in Republic County. Money goes toward salary guarantees, student loan repayment, moving expenses and other expenses associated with recruiting.

Chairman Brent Scott said the Foundation hopes to immediately recruit one or two physicians in the next 18 months, and a third within the next several years. Foundation volunteers, local physicians and hospital staff have been in touch with several promising candidates, he said, although some of those will not finish their three-year family medicine residencies until 2019 through 2021.

During the event local physicians Dr. Andy Walker and Dr. Nolan Beavers said they and their mid-level practitioners continue to accept new patients. Briana Jensen ARNP and Lori Rhine ARNP also see patients at the Belleville Medical Clinic.

The Foundation recently received a grant from the Republic County Community Foundation that will enable the organization to engage a professional recruitment firm to conduct a search for family medicine specialists who do obstetrics on a state and national level.

The Health Fair at the Crossroads at Republic County Hospital held in conjunction with the Radiothon drew nearly 200 participants. During the day hospital staff performed more than 100 lab screenings and more than 100 vascular screenings for the public, and 84 for hospital staff.

The Foundation accepts donations year around. A donation button for online donations can be found on the Republic County Hospital website or can be sent to the NCK Health Care Foundation, 2420 G ST, Belleville, Kansas 66935.