Dan Kuhn grows Punkin’ Chunkin’ world records.


Wednesday I had chance today to visit with Corey Winesburg and his students from Oklahoma’s Northeast Technology Center, a high school in Afton, Oklahoma. They made the trip to Courtland’s Depot Market to pick specialty estrella pumpkins for their annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition.

A few years ago a Tusla produce retailer lead Corey to Dan Kuhn’s farm to source more estrella pumpkins. Dan happens to be one of the few pumpkin producers in Oklahoma or Kansas that grows the variety. Corey said this variety works great for chunkin’ because it has the shape and mass to hold up to being launched with a trebuchet.

Corey’s class competes under the name “Colossal Thunder” and holds the Youth Trebuchet World Record in 2013 with 2,402.63 ft in Delaware. At that time the previous record was only 1,526 ft.

They also happened break the the Adult Trebuchet World Record with a heave of 3,278 ft in Aurora, Colorado in 2015.

“The team would like to offer a special thanks to Dan Kuhn of Depot Market in Courtland, Kansas, for donating all their pumpkins at no cost to NTC…”

Team Colossal Thunder's impressive punkin chunkin' rig won this year's trebuchet division, shattering a world record in the process.
Team Colossal Thunder’s impressive punkin chunkin’ rig won this year’s trebuchet division, shattering a world record in the process.