Pre-school proposal for USD 109 might include a daycare facility

A proposal under study to add a pre-school program to USD 109services might extend to a daycare facility.

Superintendent Michael Couch offered few details at the regular board meeting January 14, other than the plan might involve moving a modular unit to property across the street and offering the facility to a private daycare provider. He said acquisition of property was previously discussed by the board in executive session.

“It’s all exploratory, but it will be a benefit to the community if we can offer daycare,” he said. Couch and East Elementary principal Katie Struebing are collecting data on projected enrollment and costs of a preschool program at East Elementary. They plan to make a presentation to the board at their regular meeting February 11. Couch, who also serves on theRepublic County Economic Development board, said the availability of a pre-school is something that potential new residents ask about when considering a move.