Prairie Land Food Announces Updates to Monthly Menus


Prairie Land Food Announces Updates to Monthly Menus

Prairie Land Food Announces Updates to Monthly Menus
New Package, New Prices

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Prairie Land Food announced the upcoming updates to their monthly menus which will include the new “Mega Box” as well as new pricing on popular Prairie Pak, Meat Only and the Fruit and Veggie Pak. Pricing updates will be effective with the March 2016 menu that will be released at the February 2016 Distribution Day event.

The “Mega Box” is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Prairie Land Food’s commitment to bringing you quality food at affordable prices. The box will include a variety of meat items, possibly in larger packages, all packaged together in one box. The price will be $35. The new box will be listed in the top portion of the flier along with the Prairie Pak, Meat Only and Fruit & Veggie Pak. Specials and Bonus items will be listed as usual. The Mega Box items will change each month, just as the items change in the Prairie Pak. Availability is anticipated for March or April.
In response to soaring food costs new prices for the Prairie Pak, Meat Only and the Fruit and Veggie Pak were necessitated and the only viable option. Effective with the March 2016 menu the Prairie Pak will now be priced at $30, Meat Only at $17, Fruit and Veggie Pak at $14. Pricing on Special packages and Bonus packages will remain unchanged.
Prairie Land Food is a non-profit 501(c)(3) company that was founded on the principal of providing the opportunity for individuals and families to be able to have healthy foods available at an affordable cost and to become more aware of what we as individuals and families can do to help others.

For more information: June Glasgow 800-998-9436 


Q. Am I required to do volunteer service?
A: As a 501(c)(3) not for profit food program, the State of Kansas requires that volunteer service is asked for, if we do not ask for volunteer experiences, then we will be required to collect and pay sales tax on all food sales! Simply fill out the volunteer portion of the receipt with something you or a member of you family has done to help someone else!

Q. How does Prairie Land Food work?
A: Prairie Land Food is a non-profit Kansas organization that specializes in selling quality, healthy food at a saving up to 50%. Prairie Land Food have been in business since September 2006, there is no catch, it’s just a great deal.

Prairie Land Food purchases from food buyers from around the country. We buy high quality food at wholesale prices in large quantities. Prairie Land Food does not distribute donated or outdated food. Volunteers come into the PLF warehouse in Topeka, Ks to sort, and assemble the food to ship out to our many PLF distribution locations. These locations are run by a volunteer workforce that make up the backbone of the PLF organization. Because we make every effort to buy smart at wholesale prices, we can pass those savings on to you and your family.

Q. Where does the food come from?
A: Prairie Land Food only buys quality food from reputable venders ~ just like you see in major grocery stores. Some products are name brands such as Farmland, John Morrell, Oscar Mayer, and some are packaged in private labels.

And at a savings of up to 50% off retail prices! 

Q: How do I go about buying a package?
A: Contact the developer for your area to find a host site near you. Check our contact page to find the appropriate information. A complete list of cities and towns hosting sites is available by clicking on the Site Locations area on this website. You can pay for your PLF packages with cash, checks (at most locations) and SNAP (Food Stamps) by contacting your local volunteers or the Developer for your area. You can also order on line with e-check, debit or credit card. If your host site does not accept checks it is because they cannot risk the bank charges for bounced checks.

Q: Can I order more than one package?
A: Packages can be purchased in any quantity; mix and match the packages to fit your families needs.

Q: Am I required to purchase every month?
A: Although we hope you will order every month, you are not required to purchase monthly.

Q: How do I get my food?
A: Most of our sites distribute food on Saturdays, although we do have a few locations that have distributions on Fridays. The 2015 Distribution Dates are listed on this web site. Food orders are delivered by refrigerated trucks to designated host sites. It is the responsibility of the participant to pick up grocery orders at the time and location on their receipt given to you when your order is placed.

Q: What if I am unable to pick up my order on distribution day?
A: Send a friend, neighbor, or relative to pick up your order. It does help if you give them your receipt. Packages not picked up will be donated, no refunds will be given.

Q: How can I place my order for the next month?
A: Many people will purchase the next months packages when they pick up their orders on distribution day. Sometimes this is not convenient for everyone, the host site will give you a menu flier that will include information so you can contact the volunteer by the next months turn in date to order and pay for your purchase. Orders can also be placed on line through the web site or by contacting the June

Q: How can I start a Prairie Land Food site in my community?
A: Contact June to answer all your questions, and help you bring PLF to your church, Sr. Center, community organization, etc. for your community

A few quick facts about Prairie Land Food

*Prairie Land Food is a Kansas program serving Kansas & Nebraska
*Prairie Land Food does not take food donations
*Prairie Land Food is not a Food Bank
*Prairie Land Food is for everyone who wants great food at great prices
*Prairie Land Food has no membership fees or dues