Pins Are Falling Again In B’Ville

Bowling Alley Re-Opens Downtown

By Laura Leite Telescope News

After seven years of standing empty, bowling shoes will once again be sliding and pins falling. Belleville once again has a bowling alley. Tuxie’s Ten Pin officially opened on Monday to full lanes and a full downtown with the start of Men’s League Bowling.

Amid a bustling construction site, Skylar Tuxhorn, worked with his wife Ashley and others for months to get the bowling alley ready to open and hosting leagues. Tuxhorn said it has been a long process.

“People have been asking me for months when the bowling alley was going to re-open,” he told the Telescope. “There was a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of pieces of the puzzle had to fall in place the right way. Here were a lot of things I knew and wanted to say but until all of the i‘s were dotted and the t’s crossed, I just couldn’t.”

But now the ‘open’ sign is lit and the doors unlocked and lanes ready. People wanting to bowl have seen their choices almost eliminated in recent years as the bowling alley at Concordia burned down, and the one at Hebron closed. Bowling used to be a big activity in Belleville in year’s past, and Tuxhorn said he felt the time was right to bring it back.

“After getting out of the service and moving back to the community, I wanted to have something family oriented,” Skylar said. “When I saw the bowling alley was for sale, I talked to the former owner, and we negotiated for a few years and finally we were able to get everything lined up and get it running.”

“We are excited to have a family atmosphere bowling center open up in downtown Belleville,” he added. “We are glad to give back to the community.”

“We are updating and remodeling,” said Skylar. “We have a state-of-the-art scoring center with overhead displays.”

Lunch Service Added

 One of the things the Tuxhorn’s wanted to add to the facility was a kitchen. Food choices in downtown Belleville are non-existent for a lunch crowd.

“We have a brand-new full kitchen,” Ashley said. “The bathrooms are completely renovated.”

“We put in a full kitchen because we will be open for lunch,” Skylar added. “After the health inspection, we will be open for lunch and the alley is currently open for bowling. Right now, we are just open for leagues so that they can qualify for state.”

“We have made the bowling alley handicapped accessible with a lift and ramps and bumpers,” said Skylar and Ashley. “We are excited to host the Special Olympics and hopefully Shady Cottage and Healthcare Center residents.”

If people are still interested in joining a league, they can find sign-up information under Tuxie’s Ten Pin on Facebook or just stop by the bowling alley.

In the future, the Tuxhorns would like to add more leagues and get the school involved. “We put up flyers for a kids league in the elementary school, and we have had a lot of positive feedback,” Skylar said.

“We are also going to start looking into getting the high school involved in leagues,” he added. “Washington and Marysville have school leagues.”

“We are going to have color pin bowling and the cosmic/galactic bowling with the black lights and fun music, too.”

“We are already booking birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate retreats and other events,” Skylar said. “You can contact us on Facebook or just by stopping in.”