Neighborhood Revitalization Program

The Republic County Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) began January 2011 – 2015 and was renewed in 2016 and again in 2021.

In the Neighborhood Revitalization Program, the eligible property owner receives a 5-Year tax rebate of 95%, 90%, 70%, 40%, & 20%, respectively – for those who are current on taxes and whose investment in the property creates more than $25,000 increase in the properties appraised value.

Percentage of Property Tax Rebated in the NRP

The NRP encourages renovations, additions, and new construction. Eligible property includes commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial.

The total incremental market value added by those completed projects to date is $12,844,420. Actual construction costs for these projects are not available until projects are complete.

For a temporary “investment” by a City/County of the tax rebate, in return, the City/County gets better and newer properties, as well as growth in the local economy and growth in the property tax base as the rebate declines over 5 years. This is a great way to encourage people to build new houses in the county, renovate, add additions, and improve commercial properties, etc. It has also helped businesses where they have assistance in the critical start-up or expansion stage.

This program has provided Republic County businesses and citizens with a valuable incentive to those who are improving a property’s appraised value.  During a time when constructions costs are rising, it’s harder for businesses to justify new construction on a tighter budget. This program, with others, demonstrates that Republic County is willing to invest in local business and residential expansion by creating a positive environment geared towards long-term economic success.

Applications can be found at the Republic County Appraiser’s office located in the basement of the Republic County Courthouse. Or online here.