Housing Incentive Programs

Republic County in partnership with Republic County Economic Development (RCED) is offering three housing incentives in a pilot program available through 2022 to help address housing issues in the county. Funding of $27,500 was awarded by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to the county for three programs. Applications will be received and reviewed by RCED, recommendations will be made to the County Commissioners. Labor and materials purchased within the county will be prioritized in the program. RCED will provide program administration and marketing while the County will be the fiscal agent. Applications are now open and being accepted until funding is used through 2022.

Programs offered through a partnership with RCED and Republic County thanks to Dane G. Hansen funding.


Demolition Assistance Grant

Assist with clearing residential blight while encouraging in-fill lot development, selling the property, or donating to a city Land Bank. Up to $2,500 per property that qualifies.

Empty Nester Grant

Incentive to assist homeowners in the county that wish to move over to a more manageable-sized rental within the county. This will increase available housing stock while maximizing the efficiency of senior and Section 42 and Section 8 housing that is currently vacant. Up to $5,000 per qualified individual to cover cost incurred from moving and selling property.

Paint The County Grant

This program is helping beautify existing housing stock throughout the county by providing up to $750 per project to cover paint and materials purchased locally.


Applications must be submitted to RCED before painting, demolition, selling, or moving depending on which program is applied for. Grants will not be awarded to projects that have begun their projects without approval notice from RCED.


Applications will be reviewed, and a response will be provided within 30 days of submission.


Jenny Russell
Republic County Economic Development Director
PO BOX 178, Belleville, KS, 66935


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Republic County is a proud member of North Central Regional Planning and benefits from their services in our region. View the video below to learn more.