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The relocation guide is a joint effort by Belleville Chamber & Main Street (BCMS) and Republic County Economic Development (RCED) to assist in your potential move. Each of our organizations plays an important role in supporting our employers and communities.

  • BCMS is dedicated to revitalizing their historic downtown, being a brand ambassador for business members, and promoting chamber events.
  • RCED works countywide to assists businesses with financing, recruitment, or expansion and helps communities with infrastructure, housing, or grants.

We hope this guide will assist you in exploring opportunities and the rural quality of life our county offers. Employers and organizations are encouraged to download the document and email or print for new residents in the county. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Waylon Sheetz
Belleville Chamber & Main Street
(785) 527-5524

Jenny Russell
Republic County Economic Development
(785) 374-3047