New Director At Pawnee

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Bouray Fills The Position Of Director

Special To The Telescope By Maggie Kuhn / 

Haunting chants echo from the earthen-domed ceiling of the Pawnee Indian Village in Republic, Kansas, as Betty Bouray, the new director of the Pawnee Indian Village, greets visitors. The position of director, formerly held by Richard Gould, who worked and livedon-site for 28 years, haschanged to a part-time,seasonal position. In thepast, Bouray has heldthe position as an alternate for fifteen years, soher transition to currentdirector was fairly easy.

Although Bouray notes that, “now she is learning what Richard filled his time with, lots of paperwork.”

Gould commented that throughout his 28 years at the museum he was amazed by the different cultures that would visit. The museum averages1800 visitors per year including guests from many corners of the world.

The Pawnee Indian museum was constructed around one of the largest of the lodge depression before it was excavated. According to Bouray, “Our museum offers so much from photos, to original music, to paintings and artifacts; there is so much to take in and learn from.”

One of the most interesting exhibits, Bouraycites, is the Sacred Bundle. This bundle was carried by a young Native-American girl escaping the Sioux and Pawnee battle, in which her parents were killed.

The Pawnee Indian Village is excited to offer Artifact Identification Day, August 4 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Bouray stated, “Folks can bring one item or a whole collection.”

Visitors are welcome to bring artifacts for identification at the museum by former director, Gould.

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