New Business: Belleville Chiropractic Clinic

landonwoltersLandon Wolters, DC HAS opened the Belleville Chiropractic Clinic, 1325 18th ST, on the north side of the square. A native of Portis in Osborne County, Dr. Wolters received a degree in kinesiology from Kansas State University, and his doctor of chiropractic in St. Louis in 2014. “I’ve always wanted to help people, “ he says. Dr. Wolters says he was told about the practice opportunity in Belleville by Ashley Anderson Taylor, Osborne, who is a native of the Agenda area. His arrival in Belleville comes on the heels of the retirement of Dr. Keith Cook, and Dr. Wolters has assumed Dr. Cook’s business telephone number, 785-527– 2779. Dr. Wolters’ office is open Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment. Dr. Wolters shares the downtown office space with Roger Novak auction and real estate.