New Boutique Opens In Belleville

By Laura Leite – Telescope News

The little boutique store, Plum Crazy, started as an idea about three years ago with Deanna Morris and this last July she and her daughter, Emma Morris, opened the shop to the public.

Deanna bought the fixtures from a store that was closing a couple of years ago and she had planned to open a little store in the back of the building that she owns in Belleville that houses her other business, Central Plains Respiratory and Medical.

She usually rented out the other half of the business and her previous renter moved to a larger space which left one side of her building empty. After Emma came home from college for the Summer, she was working for her mom and said, “Let’s do this!” Emma started painting the boutique side and getting everything ready. “Emma started prepping things and getting them into full swing and we opened on July 29, 2021,” said Deanna.

“We are running two businesses and weren’t sure how we would cover both, so we set up our hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the boutique,” said Deanna. “We are also open by appointment if anyone needs anything. We also have our staff next door, and they can come over the check people out if needed.”

“Emma is currently attending K-State and has built the website for Plum Crazy,” said Deanna. “She is very handy with the computer, and she can set-up the inventory online from college and generate the tags with barcodes so they can be printed at the store.”

“I have high school girls working for me after school and on Saturdays, prepping the clothes as they come in and checking people out,” said Deanna.

“We have a lot of casual clothes, but we have sold a ton of dresses which was surprising to me,” said Deanna. “We also have a line of comfortable affordable jeans that people like. I wanted to make the clothes in our store affordable for people in Belleville. I don’t think there is another boutique like this in Belleville.”

“We thought it was important to have something quick and affordable that you didn’t need to leave town for,” said Emma. “We carry small to 4X women’s sizes,” said Deanna. “We also carry little girl’s clothing.”

“We update our merchandise continually and keep everything up seasonally,” said Deanna.

“One of our biggest draws are the Dry Creek Candles from Clifton,” said Deanna. “The candles are soy and burn really clean.”

“Local artists can also sell their gifting items at the boutique,” said Deanna. “We have soap from a lady in Munden, Rose Creek Suds. We also have earrings, jewelry, crocheted items, natural salves, welcome mats and sewn items. We have nine local vendors featured at the boutique.”

“The store has really taken off,” said Deanna. “I didn’t expect it to be so well received.”

“We are seeing some small issues in the supply chain, but it has been manageable,” Deanna.

“Emma has given me a crash course on the website and customers can order from the website,” said Deanna. “We also have a Facebook page and VIP group that have been successful, but the ordering and purchasing of items is through the website in addition to in-person at the store.”

Both Emma and Deanna stated that they have learned things since starting the store and are looking forward to possibly enlarging the store. Other business owners have asked who does the website for Plum Crazy and Emma may have already found her future calling while still in college.

“In October we started late hours on Thursdays and will be open until 8 p.m.,” said Deanna. “We also have some events coming up in the next few months starting with Thursday, October 21, there will be a chamber coffee in the morning with a ribbon cutting and then that night we are hosting a “Think Pink” event. This event will feature a presentation on breast cancer awareness. We have pink snacks and punch, and people can shop in the boutique.”

On November 4, there will be another event called “How to Make a Pie.” The event will feature a no-fail pie crust recipe from Deanna’s grandmother. Deanna’s mom will be the presenter. These two events will take place next door to the boutique, and they are free. Please call 785- 527-8727 to register.

On December 2, there will be a class on how to make a Christmas Centerpiece. We have scheduled and local person that does floral design to lead the class and the cost will be $20 to cover the cost of materials. Both this and the pie making session will have two time slots available, at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

This spring we are planning a wounded jewelry night with some local jewelry makers available to fix your jewelry while you shop.

“This has been a family project and we have all enjoyed it,” said both Deanna and Emma.

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