New and Expanding Businesses in Republic County

From The Belleville Telescope

Polansky Seed Expands

Polansky Seed is raising a new seed cleaning plant at their east campus just east of Belleville. The 60’ high structure will house a new seed cleaning plant with state of the art equipment, says manager Mike Baxa. “With the volume (of seed) we run through, we have really taxed out our (present) facility. It is really crowded here in town for semis.” Baxa said the new plant will be operational by May 1. The company’s offices and store front will remain on M Street just north of US36, he said, and that facility will remain, but most of the seed cleaning function will move to the East plant. Much of the company’s seed is grown in North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska, he said, primarily Republic, Cloud and Thayer counties.

Hanel Vet Clinic

Veterinarians Drs. Lannie and Brock Hanel have expended their business east with the purchase of the former Belleville Veterinary Clinic.

Longime Courtland business moves in new directions

Hanels serve nine counties from clinics in Courtland, Belleville, Superior Hanel Veterinary Clinic is expanding east. Dr. Lannie Hanel and Dr. Brock Hanel purchased Dr. Roger McCartney’s Belleville Veterinary Hospital on Dec. 15. The clinic, located along U.S. 81 next to the sale barn, opened a week later as Hanel Veterinary Clinic and is the third vet clinic belonging to the Hanels. Lannie Hanel built in 1977 the first Hanel Veterinary Clinic, located on Highway 36 near Courtland. He and his son purchased in June 2013 the animal hospital in Superior, Neb., which has two veterinarians. The Hanels said their new Belleville clinic will offer genetic improvement in beef herds through embryo transfer, artificial insemination and ultrasound technologies, which is already offered in their other locations. The clinic will continue to provide 24-hour emergency care through a phone-forwarding service. The Belleville location will also continue to care for both large and small animals, and Hanel Veterinary Clinic veterinarians will cover both the Belleville and Courtland locations until another veterinarian is hired, the Hanels said. Dr. Katie Klenda, who already does much of the small animal care at the Courtland location, will expand her services to the Belleville area. Dr. Lannie Hanel, Dr. Brock Hanel and Dr. Eric Harms, who care for the large animals at the Courtland clinic, will share the large animal portion of the practice in Belleville until a “permanent fixture” veterinarian is hired in May. Sixty-seven-year-old Lannie Hanel said he hopes to semi-retire once another veterinarian is in place.

Brock Hanel said Hanel Veterinary Clinic now serves customers in the counties of Cloud, Jewell, Republic, Smith, Washington in Kansas and Nuckolls, Thayer, Jefferson and Webster counties in Nebraska. “There are a lot of vets who are getting to retirement age,” Brock Hanel said. “There is a big demand for vets. There are lots of livestock in the area.” Veterinary technician Michelle Cottenmyre and office manager Tiffany Zawacki have been hired to work in the Belleville office. The Hanels said the purchase of the Belleville clinic has brought jobs to the area with the hope of another young veterinarian settling in the area after graduation next year. Veterinary technician “It’s good to get young, progressive vets in the area,” Brock Hanel said.

Barnyard Gifts 

Barnyard Gifts located on the west side of US81 at 23rd Street (next to KR-92 radio) opened on January 5. Owner Lisa Russell, Courtland, renovated the building with the help of family, and offers of stock of gift items ranging from jewelry, purses and accessories, to K-State and KU items, baby gifts and soup mixes. She said the upper level of the building will be made available to vendors who want to consign items for sale. “I hope we pick up a lot of business from the highway,” she said. Russell said the business is an opportunity for her to work with the public in a location that offered space for her to pursue her personal quilt projects.