NCK Free Fair Signage

Deadline dates:

July 21, 2017 – New signs need to be turned in to us along with information/logo and $22.50 per sign.

July 26, 2017 – If you would like for us to place your previous years sign out, $10.00 per sign.

Republic County Economic Development and Belleville Chamber & Main Street are once again giving you the opportunity to display business signs at the NCK Free Fair.

Attached is the sign order information sheet.

Download  – Fair Signage Form 2017

We still have all of the signs from previous years in storage and will be glad to display them again for you.  We will put all of the past signs out unless you inform us not to. If you need your memory refreshed about a previous sign, we will be glad to email you a photo.

Please contact Belleville Chamber & Main Street or Republic County Economic Development if you have any questions.

The deadline to submit your sign order is 5 PMFriday July 21st but the earlier you get your order in the better, in case we have questions about your order.

Thank You.

Belleville Chamber & Main Street

1205 18th St. PO Box 261

Belleville, KS 66935