FREE Small Business Courses in May


Republic County Economic Development in partnership with LRS Consulting, will be offering free small business courses to Republic County and Cloud County residents. The first two courses will be Wednesday, May 3rd and the third course is Wednesday, May 10th.

May 3rd 5:30 – 9:30 pm

  • Meeting the 3Ms – Learning the Basics of Money, Marketing & Management
  • The Right Start Using a Business Plan

May 10th 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

  • Cash Flow Made Easy

*All courses will be held at the Belleville City Office 1819L Street Belleville, Kansas. RSVP by calling Luke Mahin at (785) – 374-3047.

Funding for these courses comes in part from NetWork Kansas E-Communities.

LRS Consulting, Inc. To Offer Small Business Courses in May

The three classes consisted of: Meeting the 3Ms- Learning the Basics of Money, Marketing & Management, Cash Flow Made Easy, and The Right Start Using a Business Plan. Everyone in attendance has the opportunity after classes to schedule a meeting with their course instructor and small business development expert, Linda Sutton of LRS, for a one-on-one consultation.

When asked how long Linda has been business savvy, she snickered. Since 1994, Linda has been running her own consulting firm, LRS consulting, as a side business to provide solutions to small businesses. She first earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and Computer Science from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska. Linda has been busy ever since and holds many titles: International Financial Analyst, Private Pilot, Television Controller, and a Teacher.

Running full speed ahead, Linda officially opened LRS consulting Inc. in January 2016. Her business offers a wide range of services for small businesses. A few of these services consist of: Business Training and Valuations, Income Tax Preparation, Strategic Marketing, and QuickBooks Setup & Training. Initial consultations with LRS Consulting Inc. includes one hour of free services.

Successfully running a business is no walk in the park and not everyone is prepared for that kind of responsibility. “There is a lot involved in operating your business and its not for everyone. Even if someone is cut out for it, they need to go through the proper steps to make sure everything is in place before they open for business,” said Linda. “Problems new business owners may face if they are not fully prepared consist of having an incorrect legal structure, being unable to manage sales tax, not having enough working capital, and unaware of how to set up payroll.”

It’s extremely important for potential business owners to fully understand their cash flow and being able to incorporate their business needs. “If new business members have a difficult time managing their own personal finances, they are going to have an even harder time managing their business finances,” said Linda.

“These classes are extremely beneficial to the community because the average person starting a business doesn’t know the process they need to go through or where to even start, or the resources that are available to them. Let alone, they have no clue what a business plan consists of or what their cash flow projections are,” said Linda.

To get the full list of services offered by LRS and a breakdown of what the services cover, visit Or if you would like to get in contact with Linda to discuss your business needs, you may also e-mail her at

Can’t make it?!? Don’t worry another round of these courses will be held in October.

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