Making Courtland a home (base)


Acquisitions at Star House Designs opens in remodeled vet clinic

By Maggie Kuhn
Special to The Telescope

Brightly painted chairs stand in the entrance of Brian Griffiths new business, Acquisitions at Star House Designs, opening in Courtland on July 19.

Griffiths and his mother, Coralee, have remodeled a former Courtland vet clinic into a vintage, antique, and handcrafted folk-art store. The Griffiths mission is to provide a unique shopping experience for Courtland and surrounding areas.

Griffiths says, “Republic County, especially Courtland, is having a revitalization, unlike many places.”

Griffiths has worked for two years remodeling the inside of the clinic to provide his mother and him a brick and mortar space to create a more permanent studio and store.

Last year, Griffiths and his mother went to 20 vintage art shows around the U.S. Though, they plan to travel to more shows, the goal of opening the shop is to cut back on costly shows and establish a market locally.

Griffiths has repurposed, refurbished, and restored many pieces of art including old frames, furniture, and chest drawers. He also will be selling personally designed products made from demolition materials, including homemade tin trees, chairs, and folk art.

Griffiths says he’s always enjoyed antiques and finding out the history of his pieces. Each piece has a unique story–and he has, literally, volumes.

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