Making a way


By Deb Hadachek
Telescope Editor

Republic County Commissioners and members of the NCK Industrial Development group met Monday to agree on an easement for a public access road at the Love’s Travel Stop property on US81 Highway.

“The county just wants to make sure that we always have access to our property,” said County Commissioner Ed Splichal.

Republic County and NCKID traded parcels several year ago to give Love’s the highway frontage access on US81. The property was previously used by Republic County for a mixing strip.

Officials said Love’s will build the road to the end of its property line, and the city will maintain the road. A gate will be installed at the entrance to the county’s property to keep general traffic out.

Attorney Doug Simms said he will write an easement agreement for approval by county commissioners and the Belleville City Council at their next regular meetings.

City Manager Neal Lewis said there is also discussion about a frontage road along the west side of US81.

“We want to look at the traffic flow there,” he said. “It depends on what other businesses go in there.”

Economic development officials talked recently about what other businesses Love’s might bring or that might follow Love’s.

“The public needs to know there are opportunities out there,” says Jimmie Blecha, Republic County Economic Development chairman. “Other businesses will follow Love’s, but Love’s will not necessarily bring them in. “Local businesses have just as much opportunity out there as businesses from the outside.”

*The access road will begin at the driveway off of HWY 81 and 7th Street to the west.