Mail count takes place through March 7th

Mail count takes place through March 7th

Marci Penner of the  Kansas Sampler Foundation is encouraging rural residents to mail letters this week. Mail count takes place from February 22 through March 7 for rural carriers, Penner said in a a recent email.

“This means that every incoming and outgoing letter or package that they deliver or pick up in your rural box provides (rural carriers) points,” she said.

“These points may increase (or decrease) their salary. “Mail delivered by the route carrier to a rural mail box counts more than the mail he/she picks up at the box.”

Penner said rural carriers are not allowed to tell patrons about the rural mail counts. Penner encourages people to send her a letter this week.

“I wonder if you all would mind mailing a note to me before March 8: Marci Penner, 978 Arapaho Road, Inman, KS 67546. Send me a story of your rural carrier and I’ll pick a few to post on an e-blast in the next few days. Be sure to include your rural address.


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