Long time Courtland business, Garman & Sons Appliance, sells to younger owners.

Wiezoreks Purchase Garman & Sons Inc. in Courtland

Courtland Journal

Robert Mainquist

January 1, 2013, will be the date a change in the business community in Courtland occurs. On that day, Mitch and Tami Wiezorek will become owners of the long-time Courtland business known as Garman and Sons Inc.

The change brings to close a family business that started August 12, 1925, when Garman’s Grandfather Llyod Garman started operating a service station located where Jensen Tire and The Cantina are now located. The business was known as L.E. Garman Oil Company.

In 1928, Lloyd added International Harvester farm equipment an teh name changed to L.E. Garman Oil and Implement Company. In 1943, Garman purchased the present building and moved the implement operation to that location and leased the serice station to another party. In 1945, Garman’s father Chet graduated from Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and returned to join the family business. Chet brought in the electrical and appliance ventures to the business. the name again was changed to L.E. Garman and Son Implement Company.

For many years the business was diversified with farm equipment and the electrical and appliance sales being increased. in the late 1950’s the implement line was dropped and Chet continued the electrical and appliance areas. Tim graduated from Courtland High School in 1973. He attended and graduated Beloit Area Vocational – Technical School in 1975. He returned and joined the family business with his father and brother Dave, who was also employed there until his retirement a few years ago. The name changed again to Garman and Sons Inc.

Garma’ns years in the business brought changes to accomodate the new technology through cable TV, internet services, as well as a sales and serivice of appliances and modern televisions. Wiring of new houses and buildings, helped to keep the employees busy. The company has changed with times. In early years Tim installed roof top antennas for TV, later satellite dishes and then worked with the cable system. “I don’t miss climbing roofs to install antennas,” state Tim. The cable TV, which was started in 1982, was a lot of work and responsibility, in addition to keeping the system bringing in the network programs there was the locacl Courtland Channel 6, which required much of Garman’s time. The taping of community events and school activities and sports was demanding. Don’t forget the crawl line where one could post notices for community events, presented with his own style of writing.

Dial up internet was also one of Garman’s projects. All of these unique to Courtland items took lots of time and required constant attention. Garman commented, “I could never be away for any length of time without being concerned about the systems working properly.” Civic duties have been part of Garman’s life in Courtland also. He served on the Courtland City Council from 1981 to 1987. he currently serves as Mayor, a job he has held since 1987. Three generations of the Garman family have continued this ever changing business for eighty-seven years on the North end of Main Street in Courtland.

The era comes to a close as Wiezorek’s purchase the business and the name changes to M&T Appliance & Electric LLC. The operation will continue as the community has known it, with Maria Sjolander employed. Tim state “I will be available to help as needed, but not working any Saturdays.”

Right Time… January 1, 2013
Right Place… 301 Main Street, Courtland
Right People… Mitch & Tami Wiezorek / Tim Garman

Mitch and Tami Wiezorek have made the decision to be a parto f the Courtland Main Street business community with their purchase of Garman and Sons. The responsibility of continuing a successful long time business will provide challenges to the new owners. In the years head there will likely be many changes to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the electronics, just as there were challenges sfor Tim Garman in his years in the electric and appliance business.

Mitch is a 2000 graduate of Humboldt Nebraska HS and a 2006 graduate of Northeast Community College of Norfolk, Nebraska. Mitch earned his degree in Electrical-Mechanical Maintenance. He has worked for Reinke Mfg, Deshler Nebraska; Moeller Electric, Bryon, Nebraska; and Nesika Engery, Scandia, Kansas. Tami is a Courtland native, who graduated from Pike Valley High School in 1999. She is the daughter of Jack and Pam Shumard of Courtland.

The Wiezorek’s have to two children Jack, who is five years old and Kaylee, who is eight months old. In any community, one is pleased to see a business passed on toa succeeding generation. Many times it is within the family, but in this case the business ownership passed to a younger family in the community. This business change continues along the line of young people having an opportunity to return home to Courtland, and have a job and raise their family in a rural community.

Weizorek’s current plan for the business is to continue operations as in the past for nwo. They hope to do more electrical wiring as time goes along, in addition to the applicance sales and service. Mariah Sjolander will continue to be employed.

Courtland Journal Editor
Robert Mainquist

Courtland couple adds to optimism of area.

By Fred Arnold
Telescope publisher

Who says good and positive things aren’t going on in our area? And who says young people no longer want to live in rural America? Mitch and Tami Wiezorek of Courtland are testament those statements are not true. The young couple recently purchased the Garman and Sons appliance dealership in that community. The business, which has been serving local and area customers for more than 40 years, will remain in operation and the Wiezorek’s have plans for expanded services as well.

Stories like the above are becoming more and more common in rural areas and particularly in our area. Younger people are realizing that North Central Kansas affords a high quality of life, goods and services are still in demand and a good living can be made here. Whenever I hear of some person or family re-locating to Republic County I am glad. Our area, and indeed every area, needs young people. A younger generation brings new ideas and concepts, a high level of energy and zeal to a given area. The young people of today will become our business and professional leaders of tomorrow. They will raise families, have children in our schools. They will run for elected office and serve on committees and volunteer boards. They will help guide their communities and will see increased growth and prosperity.

Right now Republic County is in a growth mode. There are a lot of good things happening and a lot of reasons to be positive and optimistic. We welcome the Wiezoreks and are glad they have chose North Central Kansas for their home, just as we welcome all who are committed to this lifestyle.