Leva & Frank Duclos Foundation Requests Due Oct. 28th


The semi-annual meeting of the Advisory Board of the Leva and Frank Duclos Foundation is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at The Citizens National Bank in Concordia, KS. Special requirements must be met when applying for a grant:

1. Requests will only be accepted from Cloud, Republic and adjacent counties.

2. Requests should be typed, and set forth the following:

a. Description of Request.

b. Amount of Request.

c. Specific reason for Request.

d. Sources of funding for the Request other than Duclos funds.

e. IMPORTANT: Name, address, phone number and email address of a contact person who will be available for questions by telephone from 9-10 a.m. on the date of the meeting.

3. Organizations: Every organization submitting a request must submit a copy of its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service. The request must be signed by the President of the organization.

Municipalities: Public schools, municipalities and counties are not required to have 501(c)(3) letters. A request by public schools, municipalities or counties must be signed by the chief official of the governing body. A request signed only by an employee or department head is not sufficient.

4. Individuals applying for hardship needs should contact The Citizens National Bank for income and net worth guidelines.

5. Priority will be given to requests for: medical hardship relief, community resource councils, facilities and equipment for the handicapped and education.

6. All organizations, public schools, municipalities, and/or counties receiving funds from the Foundation should submit documentation of how the grant funds were expended as soon as possible. This documentation should be in the form of a copy of the paid invoice and/or copy of the cancelled check for the goods or services purchased and must be received by The Citizens National Bank, Trust Division before another request for assistance from the Foundation will be considered.

Requests should be submitted to:

The Citizen National Bank Trust and Investment Services Division
Attn: Amy DeGraff, VP & TO
115 West 6th St
P.O. Box 409

Concordia, KS 66901-0409

The Trust Division must receive all requests by 5:00 pm., Friday, October 28, 2016. No late applications will be accepted.