KRC Voting for the Future Dinner & Dialogue Forum – Concordia

Voting for our Future: Dinner & Dialogue

Concordia, Thursday, August 30
Valley Venue, 803 Valley St.

Dinner by: Marla’s Joy

5:00 p.m. Registration & Dinner Begins

5:30 p.m. Program begins with welcome and introductions


5:40 p.m. National & State Legislative Overview Presentation – Overview of recent national and state legislation and activity that affects food and farm systems and rural communities within the context of the Farm Bill, state budget and revenue realities.
Speaker: Paul Johnson, Kansas Rural Center Policy Analyst

6:00 p.m. Overview of state and local activity and programs that affects impoverished and excluded communities particularly around food access.
Speaker: Joey Hentzler – Kansas Appleseed

6:15 p.m. Overview of state programs and partnerships around the role of clean Water, Energy, Air, Land, and Transportation in the food and farming system.
Speaker: Jamie Hofling – Climate & Energy Project

6:25 p.m. Local/Regional Overview Presentation – Local and regional level efforts to strengthen access to healthy food for all, resources for those who grow food, access to health resources, and other food and farm system needs.
Republic Co EcoDevo – Luke Mahin
North Central Regional Planning Commission – Doug McKinney

6:45 p.m. Voter Engagement Presentation – Weaving together the national, state and local information with importance of voting, other civic activities and mobilizing community members to do the same.
Speaker: Cille King, League of Women Voters

6:55 p.m. Round Table Dialogue – Each table will have a designated topic of focus. The purpose is to share ideas and ways to work together to reach the common vision of a healthy, local food system and civic engagement.

  •  Voter Mobilization and engagement
  •  Questions for Candidates this summer & fall
  •  Feeding Kansas: Future food and farm policy and action needs
  •  Climate & Energy Project: Health Equity

8:30 p.m. – Wrap Up – Summary of evening discussion and KRC/community/region next steps.


Each gathering will be a little different but each will include the
opportunity to:

  • Learn about recent state legislation, including state budget and revenue issues, that affect local level food systems and access development efforts.
  • Learn about work being done on the local level to strengthen local food systems and access to healthy food.
  • Dialogue about civic engagement, resources, ideas, and ways to work together to reach the common vision of a healthy, local food system

Farmers, ranchers, public health professionals, community leaders & policy makers, legislators, local food, farm, and food access advocates, and anyone interested in learning more about state and local food and farm action. Each event will begin at 5:00 pm and include a dinner made with locally sourced ingredients.

For more information, detailed agendas, and to RSVP online for each event, visit
or call Caryl Hale at 866-579-5467 Ext 702.