KDOT Pledges $1 Million Grant For New Road

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By Fred Arnold Telescope Publisher

Belleville city manager Adam Anderson has been watching and waiting. Publicly optimistic but privately cautious. The municipality applied for $1,00,052 in KDOT grant funds to help pay for the $2 million dollar road project in the Belleville Industrial Park.

If awarded, Belleville should know by the end of the month. Anderson was publicly optimistic yet privately cautious.

On Monday he broke the news.

“I have great news,” he told city leaders. “I was notified today that KDOT will award us the full amount of the grant.”

Anderson said the determining factor was three new businesses have all signed letters of intent to build in Belleville in the industrial park. Anderson said it was the job creation and the local economic impact that put it over the top.

“We have letters of intent from the new businesses saying they will come if the road is built, now we need to get KDOT a full intent by those businesses and they will fund us the full amount.”

Belleville Mayor Adam Robertson said Monday’s news was great, but he urged the city council to keep pushing on the issue.

“We’ve got to keep hammering,” the mayor said. “We don’t want to stop now that we have good news…we can’t stop.”