The Kansas Micro-Internships program supports the Kansas Board of Regents’ strategic plan, Building a Future, and the Kansas Department of Commerce’s aim to “connect businesses, job seekers, educational institutions and training providers to ensure the state’s workforce is equipped to meet industry needs and to help create economic success for Kansas residents and businesses.”

Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments in sales, marketing, finance, human resources, technology, and many other areas. These projects can be completed remotely year-round and typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work. The projects are usually due within a month after kick-off and are preceded by the intern completing the Agile Work Profiler developed by the DeBruce Foundation.

Project Grant Request Criteria
To be eligible for a 50% matching Micro-Internship Project grant up to $250 the requesting organization must:

  • Be a Kansas based employer or employ a significant number of Kansas residents
  • Register for the program and provide clear expectations for completing the micro-internship project
  • Select eligible Kansas interns from the Parker Dewey platform whose skills match the project requirements
  • Select an undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in any of the 32 Kansas public colleges or universities and registered with the Parker Dewey platform to complete the micro-internship project
  • Set the project fee equal to an average salary of $15 or above per hour

Employers register for the program and post their micro-projects via the Parker Dewey online platform. Creating an account takes about five minutes. The project fee is paid to Parker Dewey, which pays 90% of the fee to the intern who completes the project.

Once the project has been completed and verified by Parker Dewey the employer may submit the grant request form via the link below to receive a payment to offset the cost of the project. A maximum of five project grants will be paid per employer.


For more information contact micro-interns@ksbor.org