Jon Schallert Workshop: MARION, KS



Jon Schallert is the only business consultant in the world teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into Consumer Destinations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his trademarked 14-step “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the course of 31 years after interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners in over 500 cities and towns.

Using the Destination strategy, Jon helps independent businesses stand out and draw customers to them, even from hundreds of miles away. Jon’s teachings have been applied by consumer and tourist businesses in both large and small marketplaces, helping them capture more market share, even when larger, better-capitalized competitors seemingly have the advantage.

Schallert has spoken at national and state tourism conferences around the country. His expertise with independent business owners is likewise sought out by major companies, like Kellogg’s, KitchenAid, Denver International Airport, Ace Hardware, Anheuser Busch, Hunter Douglas, and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, to name a few.

Prior to starting his company, Jon spent ten years with greeting card giant Hallmark Cards, where his Destination marketing strategies were publicized throughout the company as “the Schallert Method”.

Jon’s insight is seen in publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a member of the International Downtown Association, the International Economic Development Council, and the National Main Street Network.

The New Rules of Business Success: Capturing Today’s Consumers as a Destination Business

Join Jon Schallert on November 14-15 in Marion, Kansas to present his 2-day workshop on the “New Rules of Business Success: Capturing Today’s Consumers as a Destination Business”. This will be the first time this workshop has been conducted in the State of Kansas, sponsored by Marion County Economic Development.

Attendees of this workshop will not only learn about Jon’s 14-step Destination strategy that can turn any business into a consumer magnet, but they will also see how every business today must start using the “New Rules” to create sustainable growth and profits.

Most businesses today don’t know that the methods to attract their most profitable customers and to keep them loyal to a company have changed. During this workshop, Jon will illustrate how businesses must position and market their businesses in a new way.

Attendees will learn that regardless of the business type (retail, restaurant, service, or professional practice), every business must start implementing these consumer-oriented principles in order to sustainably grow and thrive. Attendees will benefit from hearing actual examples of successful Destination Businesses that Jon has studied over the last three (3) decades that are now using these “New Rules” to their advantage.

Along with Jon, Elizabeth Collins, President of Webcom Resources, will also be presenting a section on her “New Rules of Social Media”, as she explains how every business owner and entrepreneur must change they way they market via the popular forms of social media. Whether you manage the social media for your business, or you delegate it to an employee or outside company, Collins insight will allow you to spend less money while converting more prospects to customers.

Attendees of this workshop will also learn:

  • The five “Marketing Foundations” that consumers of today find credible, and why typical advertising isn’t on the list
  • How to immediately convey to your targeted consumer your differences that no other business can offer
  • How to dovetail the very best free and low-cost marketing tools into your already existing advertising campaigns
  • How to create free publicity opportunities that gets your business noticed in newspapers, magazines, television and online.
  • How to target and attract the most profitable customers, and literally multiply your top spending customers
  • How to get a customer to love your business in the first 7 seconds after they enter your doors
  • How to take the unique qualities of your business and immediately make them obvious to consumers, in your marketing, your business location, and on your website and social media channels

Attendees will leave with a list of immediately-implementable suggestions and many will wonder “Why haven’t we been doing this before?”