How I Started – Republic County

Republic County – How I Started  

Republic County has 189 employer establishments and 420 non-employer establishments across eight communities. It’s impossible to know every entrepreneur in the county and their personal story. I feel fortunate through my position I get to assist start-up and succession businesses and hear their entrepreneurial stories.

I would like to share some of these stories, and new ones, with everyone through a series of interviews with local businesses. This can cover all entrepreneurs from agriculture to financial services to manufacturing. We want to know the what, why, how, challenges, successes, and resources that helped you along the way.

We hope this will be a resource for those who are starting their own business and students in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Luke Mahin
Republic County Economic Development Director

To nominate a business email me at If you are a business owner feel free to submit answers in this form below.