Housing Survey Preliminary Results

RCED’s Housing Survey has already seen promising results so far. With 63 responses from 5 different states, the results are providing helpful data about the housing needs in Republic County for both in and out-of-county residents. About half of respondents are from Belleville, while out-out-county responses make up about 22%, with the remaining responses being from other Republic County communities.

This survey comes in conjunction with the NCK Homeownership Program, a program that assists homebuyers in purchasing a Republic County home over $50,000 by offering $10,000 in 0% interest loan for down payment assistance and a $2,000 grant for closing costs. With a deadline of August 31st, this survey is helping to assess those who are wanting to purchase a home with the assistance of the program.

If you still have not taken the survey, RCED is welcoming your feedback. We encourage those who are wanting to move into, within, or out of the county to take it. If you are content with your current housing, make sure to share this survey with those who you know are wanting, or at least considering, moving. As results have already shown, people from all over are interested in moving to Republic County. This survey is providing feedback that is helping us understand how we can make this transition easier for people who want to call Republic County home.

Are you curious to see who is taking the survey? View our interactive map showing the zip codes of those who have taken the survey so far, and be sure to complete it if you haven’t already!

If you need assistance in taking or administering the survey, please contact RCED at 785-374-3047 or email them us rcedc@nckcn.com