Holiday Shopping Lists – Kansas Sampler Foundation

Holiday Shopping List #1

Kansas products you can buy online

The annual shopping list of Kansas products is a courtesy of the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation. Our mission is to preserve and sustain rural culture. You can support our work here.

Want to be included in this e-blast? 2,000 people open these shopping list e-blasts each time they are sent. We will send 6 blasts before Christmas.
To be eligible your product must be sold through an online shopping cart, the product must be made in Kansas and you must be a We Kan! partner.
  • a. If you are eligible, send your logo, your shopping cart url, and a one-sentence description to
  • b. To be a We Kan! partner, pay at least $25 online here.
If your store is independently-owned, we will put your logo with a link to your website or Facebook page under a list called “Shop at these local stores!”
  • a. Send your logo, your website or Facebook page, and a one-sentence description of what you sell.
  • b. You must be a We Kan! partner. Pay at least $25 here.