High Plains Journal – GetAways


Get your business or event listing on the the High Plains Journal 2014 Annual Travel Directory of the High Plains & Midwest Regions.

High Plains Journal is inserting a “GetAways” center spread travel guide in the 5-12-14 issue.  It is FREE to list. There are upgrade options that do cost but if you stay with the basic listing it is absolutely free.  The form is attached and is not hard to fill out.  I think this would be a good opportunity for your business.

Fill out the form on the computer, save it and then email as an attachment to the address listed at the bottom of the form. Or  you can fill it out, print it out and fax it in.  The deadline has been extended to Wednesday March 26th.  I just got this Friday afternoon, so they didn’t give us much time, but it doesn’t take long to fill out and send.

At the bottom of the form it mentions an online listing.  You can do that in addition, but don’t just do that, you need to do the fillable form to insure that it gets in the printed guide. 

Download the PDF here – High Plains Journal Fillable_Getaway_Listing

You can list your events for free as well click here.