Google Analytics from Oct. 24th – April 25th

If you are interested in the tech savvy side of our website here are a few snap shots of how our site performed over the last 6 months.

RCED provide free services for listing your business, rental housing, home for sale, vacant lots, business news, community news, and alumni news. Contact us if you’d like to get your information out to our audience. The site averages over 1,000 monthly visitors from Kansas and across the US (*we had a tracking error with our Google Analytics in February).Overview

We had 5,899 visitors to the site in 6 months. That’s with our tracking going down in February. Our highest traffic day was April 2nd after sharing a article from The Belleville Telescope titled – Good News Coming?

Β USAnaltyics

Here is the map of traffic from the United States.

KSAnaltyicsAnd where our traffic has come from in Kansas.


Google and Facebook are our two biggest traffic sources where people find links to our website. Notice the link, that means people are viewing the site on their mobile devices.


Our website’s most popular page is our Home page followed by Jobs and Rental Housing.