From Farm To Home To Store

C&C High Tunnels Achieves Dream Of ‘Cute Country Store’ On Scandia Main Street

By Laura Leite Telescope News

Chris and Christi Janssen, Scandia, started a high tunnel farm in 2009.

“We have changed a lot since the original plan of growing wholesale tomatoes. Soon we started going to farmer’s markets,” said Christi. “Selling at farmer’s markets meant that we had to have more variety.

“In 2014 we decided to try the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to help expand our income. We had 20 customers the first year and last year we had 145.”

“We found out immediately that since we do not live on a farm that we needed to deliver the weekly boxes of produce. We were doing doorstep deliveries long before the pandemic.”

“I always thought that in 10 years or so when I was tired of going to farmer’s markets that I would have a little store,” she says. “I thought if I could have this cute little store in downtown Scandia then we wouldn’t have to travel as far, and I pictured something that would tie into the antique mall. The opportunity came in 2017 for us to have a small store front in Scandia.”

“My vision is to have a cute little country store that would have the items you need to make a meal,” she says. “But to tie into the antique mall we decided to carry some items that are maybe a little more unique and that you maybe couldn’t find somewhere else.”

December through midMarch are winter greens. Christi has her own blend of greens and the fresh spinach is different when it is fresh.

Mid-May they have fresh strawberries and early June there are cucumbers, zucchini, and brassicas.

Early July you can expect cantaloupe and late July watermelon.

“Romanesco is one of our most unique items that we grow,” she says.

“We love to do farm tours for anyone who would like to see where and how we grow our produce,” she says. “We are unique in that everything is grown on city lots. If you are interested in a tour, just call us and make an appointment.”

“We have also been building partnerships with local producers with protein products,” said Christi. “This is an added service to our customers that visit the store and CSA customers.”

The C & C High Tunnel Farms store in downtown Scandia is open Tuesday through Thursday 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with expanded hours in the summer. Updated hours and produce can be found on the C & C High Tunnel Farms Facebook page –